An open letter to my nieces and nephews

Seeing most of you at Christmas, and keeping abreast of the rest of you with proud updates from your mums and dads, was like a giant punch in the gut. Oh! Not in a bad way, but y’all getting soooooo big! But let’s focus – more than that, I appreciated this year just what wonderful […]

Returning to the Shires

I’m almost tempted to get knocked up and go home!  No, really!  (rusty tubes permitting, obviously), such is the idyllic view of future Blighty currently being painted by the government during their party conference in Birmingham.  What a beautiful place it’s going to be and a cracking future for kids.  No? At the weekend, The Telegraph published […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #43

Because there is inevitably going to come a day when you are going to have to explain to your children, who have returned from school with a thousand questions about #piggate #hameron; why the *Prime Minister of the country you live in/or herald from, may or may not have inserted his penis into the mouth […]