Valentine Galentine blah blah blah: the Covid months, pt. 12

You know who I felt bad for last weekend? The Instalovers. I mean, is it even Valentine’s if you can’t competitively post images of every little detail? The perfect dinner, the flowers, the present(s), the weekend away, the proposal. Is it even love if it’s not on social media. I think it’s the first time […]

An open letter to my nieces and nephews

Seeing most of you at Christmas, and keeping abreast of the rest of you with proud updates from your mums and dads, was like a giant punch in the gut. Oh! Not in a bad way, but y’all getting soooooo big! But let’s focus – more than that, I appreciated this year just what wonderful […]

Thought for the day

Soooo then, I might have exaggerated my love of routine just a touch, in yesterday’s post. Work is good, of course, and I’m lucky to have regular hours and lovely people to teach, and be building my little business, but I LOVE TRAVELLING, LATE NIGHTS, MUSIC, WHISKEY AND LOOSE WOMEN!! (Maybe not that last one), […]

I’ve got deja vu

It only seems like a few months since I was sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Paris.  Oh wait, it is only a few months since I was sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Paris. Different company, different circumstances. I’m excited to see my long-lost friends, it’s been too […]

Trips to Paris are like buses….

you wait twenty years, then two come along at once.  Kind of. So having popped over the border to Paris in February, (for the first time since my marriage proposal in 1994), to visit Hot Frenchie, I find myself ‘popping over the border’ again to have some fun and catch up with my fabulous friends […]