Apps Walks Possibility Hope: the Covid months, pt. 6

Dating apps deactivated. I mean, what is the actual point? Without even factoring in the tedium and predictability of 90% of the matches’ chat; with new Covid measures in place here, it’s impossible to simply meet for a coffee in the middle of the day, let alone go for tapas and drink wine into the […]

Dating world update

After a week’s brief flirtation with different dating apps with different profiles out of curiosity, I found myself in possession of a handful of phone numbers, a date under my belt, two in the offing; and still none the wiser about why men are scared to just hang out and why they keep sending photos of their nether […]

24 hours on Lovoo – I don’t know what I want

STATS: Liked me – 192, including Justin Bieber, Heath Ledger and Kurt Russell Visitors – 112 (I know, I don’t understand this either) Added as favourite – 6 No. of threatening messages – 0 No. of strops for no immediate return of greeting – 0 No. of people with tattoos on their FACES – 0 No. of […]