How your body changes in your forties – a scientific report

!! EVERYTHING YOU EAT GOES STRAIGHT TO YOUR BUM AND YOUR HORMONES MAKE YOUR CHEST GROW UNCONTROLLABLY !! THE END. No, really, here’s how it’s panning out……. Strange things are a happnin’ in ol’ PANKsville, over yonder way….. (for reasons unbeknownst to even me, it appears that I have adopted the persona of a suspicious […]

Mid life crisis – Part II

The end of another year is just around the corner marked by Christmas finally arriving in Barcelona.  I must admit that I love the fact that the marketing/adverts/festive lights/parades and parties aren’t shovelled down our collective throats here, like tinselled and baubled foie, until 1st December…..  it feels easier to appreciate darling old Santa’s birthday […]