Love not hate

I don’t know how I really feel after the events of the last week.  After taking my brother and sister to the airport early this morning, before the hustle and bustle of a regular day in Placa Reial or on las Ramblas began, I took a walk down one of the most famous streets in […]

The year so far

Well.  It’s not been the best one has it? I spent hours yesterday, writing a post here, that will never see the light of day.  I decided today, that I did not want to dedícate any space, to the heinous few responsible for the chaos in France over the last few days.  Instead to the huge […]

Thought for the day

*There are some good people in the  World. The lovely waitress in the café just got a substantial tip from a tourist, simply because she picked up his wallet, after he dropped it on his way into the bathroom. Then handed it back to him when he came out again. She didn’t want to accept it, but […]