Reasons why I don’t have kids #2

I can barely get my own sh*t organised.

Take for example, yesterday.  My first day back to work.  Understand that I had been on holiday since the 23rd December, I had also had a whole week back in Barcelona before I had my first class, which did not start until 2pm, TWO PM IN THE AFTERNOON.  At 1.45pm, I was running around the apartment in my underwear in a blind panic, like a chicken that had lost it’s head AND had a broken USB stick.  The USB in question, is the one I like to call ‘Bible’.  You can easily imagine the gravity of a situation in which the Bible is suddenly broken.  All manner of Hell is let loose and armageddon is not far behind (and not the cool kind where Bruce Willis turns up all guns blazing, re-establishes connection and delivers my documents out of the printer he happens to have in his Saving the World kit, while ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing‘ plays in the background).  I had a raft of printing to do and exactly minus 10 minutes to get dressed, get the stick working, do my make-up, pack my school bag – no really – go to the printers and arrive at work unruffled.

Admittedly, I was updating the blog.  I do take full responsibility.

…….. but, nonetheless, I was late to my first class of the term, in which my students, for the first time in their lives, were bang on time.

Now, imagine that scenario with two children of different ages, breakfast needs and schools, thrown into the mix.  Maybe some poo is involved, one is sobbing for no apparent reason and they are fighting because one has eaten the other one’s homework.  Oh no wait, that’s the dog.  Of course I’m exaggerating (a little) but anyway, my point is, it can’t be done unless you possess super human powers.  Which I don’t and that is my  ‘reasons why I don’t have kids’ #2.

*Cr*p, is that the time?!


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