Reasons why I don’t have kids #2

I can barely get my own sh*t organised. Take for example, yesterday.  My first day back to work.  Understand that I had been on holiday since the 23rd December, I had also had a whole week back in Barcelona before I had my first class, which did not start until 2pm, TWO PM IN THE […]


It’s a risky business – this English language teaching

I’ve been in the middle of a weird work situation.  That being that I am freelance, and that one of the partners of the agency that hires me for the main part of my week, doesn’t want to accept the professional relationship as such. As a freelance, you are your own boss.  Or so I […]

Thought for the day

You are never too old to wear sequins. I like to try and wear at least some at most all opportunities.  To tango, obviously, this is a given and LOTS on special occasions, like dancey people’s birthdays. And Sundays.  It’s like my own, private Strictly Come Dancing (inside my head). To the supermarket, to work […]