If one more man says…

….. to me, ‘you seem to have very fixed ideas‘, I will kick them so f*cking hard in their crown jewels, they’ll have to start thinking with the brain that lives in their head. In these last three months, I have felt the pressure to just simply keep my mouth firmly shut, more than I […]


Reasons why I don’t have kids #64

Because apparently, these days it’s not ok to say no to kids, because they ‘get sad’.  Well, you know what junior, y’all betta man up,  coz that’s the way the world works….. (uum sorry, I don’t know what came over me.  Oh wait, yes I do – non-motherness). They say you’re never too old to […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #45

The World is a sad, broken place.  Where there are countries/organisations that consider freedom, democracy and joy a ‘sin’.  Where there are people who rule those countries/organisations with a rod of iron.  Where the concept of basic human rights are squashed flat and quite literally beaten out of those who seek it.  Where there is huge […]