Reasons why I don’t have kids #20

I would periodically feed them lumps of cheese, for one of the following reasons: For educational purposes.  You see, I think it’s a little ‘exotic’ – ssoooooo Italian/French/Swiss, so I am in actual fact, expanding their minds. I am brassic and it’s all I can afford I am lazy (A combination of the two immediately above)   […]

Thought for the day

I am quite sure that a lunch that consists of a┬áball of mozzarella with a blob of pesto on the top, neither counts as a healthy balanced diet or is eaten by any of the following: Halle Berry Angelina Jolie Jennifer Anniston Rosie Huntingdon-Whitley Jennifer Lopez Rhianna (Maybe Nigella Lawson or Monica Belucci) #theworstlazy’cook’ever

Diagnosis Funk

If you go to the doctor to discuss The Funk, without really knowing what exactly it is that you’ve got, but you just feel bad and weird and you say, “Doctor, I feel bad and weird and don’t want to paint my toe-nails a pretty colour”, he/she will tell you to take a seat and […]