Reasons why I don’t have kids #8

On the whole I like to think that I am a nice, positive, amiable person.  But it is true that, on occasion I am not and am instead in a very, VERY bad mood for NO. GOOD. REASON.  Like today for example. And when I am in said very, VERY bad mood for NO. GOOD. […]


is a dish best served…….. with an enormous side order of abject panic. Three weeks ago I took delivery of a tiny kitten. I rescued him from a refuge/foster home after seeing him on the Facebook page, and after some weeks deliberating the pros (and many cons) of having a pet in a small flat […]

I fell off the…..

date wagon ….. and I feel as guilty as if I’d got back on the crack after successfully completing rehab. It’s like I signed an invisible agreement with the dating police and made a promise to the people I love, that I’d never do it again – and now they’re all ‘very disappointed’ by my […]