Oh wow – I’m the adult!

Walking around Port Aventura on a fortuitous day off, last Tuesday, I was struck by a new found appreciation for my mother’s necessity for coffee breaks every hour on the hour, whenever we went on a trip or day out when I was a kid. Whilst I wholeheartedly wanted to be buffeted around at 1000 […]

Grown-upness sucks. Like a Dyson.

You know when you were a kid and your parents said, “stop whingeing, these are the best days of your life”?  Well, they knew what they were talking about and we all should’ve listened up, and immediately played hard and funned the sh*t out of life. They imparted this pearl (constantly) because they had – […]

There’s nothing I like more

than occasionally pretending to be a real grown-up. I think that my actual grown-upness might have peaked between February 2010 and September 2011.  This is the period when I lived together with my boyfriend of the time, in a rather nice apartment on Pall Mall (the Liverpool address, not London).  Shoes off at the door, nice bathroom/kitchen, […]