Mums know best – out of the mouths of harridans

So, in the midst of post-Brexit chaos, the fight for the leadership of the Conservative party rumbles on, tossing aside carcasses as if mown down by the wheel-blades of some post apocalyptic desert vehicle from Mad Max.  First Boris ‘take back control, until I need to actually take control’ Johnson, followed by  Liam ‘nepotism is […]

Women of a certain age

In the last couple of weeks I have experienced a pretty surprising couple of contretemps in my Twitter timeline.  This is a first for me.  But, not one to shy away from confrontation, if it’s warranted, I faced them head on in a virtual sparring match.  Interestingly, both conflabs were with (for the most part, […]

Women without children must stop apologising

You may or may not have seen in various press today, reports about comments that Kim Cattrall made on Women’s Hour.  She has recently spoken out about her feelings towards the term, ‘childless’, saying she feels that it suggests that women who don’t have children are somehow missing something.  I am inclined to agree with her on this point. -less Word origin […]