Feb 14, 2020

Another day, another dollar. Or: another year, another day of somewhat forced reflection as to why I’m still single and not being awoken with a big fat portion of Instagrammable love. You know, a kiss and a coffee and a pain au chocolat flown in from Paris all the while looking forward to a day […]

Women of a certain age

In the last couple of weeks I have experienced a pretty surprising couple of contretemps in my Twitter timeline.  This is a first for me.  But, not one to shy away from confrontation, if it’s warranted, I faced them head on in a virtual sparring match.  Interestingly, both conflabs were with (for the most part, […]

24 hours on Badoo – I want a relationship

STATS: Liked me – 171 Visitors – 367 Added as favourite – 19 No. of threatening messages – 1 No. of strops for no immediate return of greeting – 14 No. of people with tattoos on their FACES – 4 No. of p*nis photos – 1 No. of interesting people, who didn’t do any of the four immediately […]

The worst thing about being single is…..

the people who don’t believe you when you say, “Yeah, I’m good thanks!”  Because, that just ain’t (right) possible. I can’t remember exactly why I was talking about it recently, when I explained that I hadn’t had a date, since ‘Hot Frenchie February’, but my companion’s complete 1) disbelief, and 2) incredulity, then 3) pity, was palpable.  […]

One very happy PANK

OR: Sometimes life’s just like that. Well, I’ll be damned.  In a little over 2 months, together we have started to grow a small, but perfectly formed, worldwide PANKy community of almost 250 followers and over 3200 page views.  Which quite honestly, has taken me a bit by surprise, firstly.  And secondly, has made this 40 something 39 […]

Hurrah – the magic is back, boo – impending birthday

Hurrah – the magic is back, boo – impending birthday. Hurrah – the magic is back, boo – impending birthday. Hurrah – the magic is back, boo – impending birthday. Hurrah – the magic is back, boo – impending birthday. My ability to do brain magic  again, slightly outweighs the stress of each approaching birthday […]

I do sometimes wonder

what it must be like on the other side.  You know, the house, the partner, the car, (the kids). It’s all very well and good being single, independent and nipping off to Wales, or London or Paris or Mexico and having complete freedom to do what you want, when you want and not having to […]