Only time will tell…..

…… but I’m beginning to think that alcohol is actually the glue that was holding this ol’ body together!!

It’s almost ten days into Dry January and my face is falling off in great big lumps of dry skin (little flakey patches actually), and I’m more than a little certain that that extra three kilos was gained in the last week since I bloody stopped drinking……..  It is not at all how I envisaged it.  My idea of emerging, butterfly-like, at the end of January fresh-faced and a little lither is being shot down in flames by 0% proof beer!!

I guess that the fact that there’s a high chance my cholestrol is coming down, liver fat is reducing, blood glucose levels are dropping and sleep and concentration are improving in the short term, is more than a little silver lining to that dark, ominous cloud of skin doom.  I could really benefit from a little perspective…

**sigh.  Brunch on Saturday at Marmalade without my favourite Bloody Mary of all time in the whole, wide world.  (I literally just felt my saliva glands twinge as I wrote that).


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