Half way-more or less

(Geordie accent here.) Day 15 in the Dry January house. *Anne is in the bedroom. 10:00 am.  Anne has been reflecting on the night before.  “Ah man, I could have well done a cheeky little cava at tango last night.” 10:06 am.  Anne is still in the bedroom, still reflecting on the night before.  “I […]

Only time will tell…..

…… but I’m beginning to think that alcohol is actually the glue that was holding this ol’ body together!! It’s almost ten days into Dry January and my face is falling off in great big lumps of dry skin (little flakey patches actually), and I’m more than a little certain that that extra three kilos […]

Dry January – 3 days and counting

I signed up to Dry January to raise a few bob for Alcohol Concern and to see if I remembered what it was like not to drink. I used to do it voluntarily years ago, but then it got harder and harder as there was the ‘after Christmas’ reunion (wine obligatory), a birthday (cava obligatory), […]