Life is full of Disappointments

None more so than an inability to express oneself as effectively as one would like. My girlfriends and I have been lamenting the lack of rude emoticons on whatsapp. (You know who you are, Mrs L, LS!)  Sometimes you just wanna send each other a comedy picture of a cartoony penis.  You know? *sigh**** Is […]

Sometimes the Universe throws you a bone

And my giant bone hurled square in my chops, with enough force to take a Polar bear* out, this week is a very valuable life lesson: READ ENCLOSED INFORMATION WHEN YOU GET NEW STUFF!! Because, funnily enough, most of the answers and solutions are in there, for later down the line when say, your laptop […]

Only time will tell…..

…… but I’m beginning to think that alcohol is actually the glue that was holding this ol’ body together!! It’s almost ten days into Dry January and my face is falling off in great big lumps of dry skin (little flakey patches actually), and I’m more than a little certain that that extra three kilos […]