Reasons why I don’t have kids #4

I’m an incredibly talented time waster (see previous post) and children would only serve to cramp this remarkable and rare ability and that wouldn’t be good for anyone.  You see, there is in fact absolutely NO time to waste when you have children; unless you have mastered space/time continuum, have discovered a wormhole which you […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #69

One word. IKEA. Why people, why? IKEA is not a multi-generational trip out. Seriously, ever wondered why you never see it listed alongside Port Aventura, the Aquarium and the city tour bus in the guides? Grandmas/pas, mas/pas and little ones, like a slow-moving caravan, travelling along the path to fulfilment (generic wall art). Or worse, […]

Reasons why I love my job #2

Sometimes, I get a massage from a student!!  Well, today was the first time, but hey, who’s counting?? I have had the most excrutiating pain in my right shoulder blade and collar bone and right down my right arm for three days, which has kept me awake and made me just the tiniest bit (foul […]

Reasons why I love my job #1

Because sometimes you meet really, really cool people who you click with immediately and then spend most of every class laughing your ar*es off. (While imparting invaluable knowledge and wisdom-obviously.) Today, I along with Señor U, invented ‘The Crappies’ awards, then allocated a couple to some deserving recipients. Then, discovered they already exist and had […]