Reasons why I don’t have kids #69

One word. IKEA. Why people, why? IKEA is not a multi-generational trip out. Seriously, ever wondered why you never see it listed alongside Port Aventura, the Aquarium and the city tour bus in the guides? Grandmas/pas, mas/pas and little ones, like a slow-moving caravan, travelling along the path to fulfilment (generic wall art). Or worse, […]

I went clubbing in my jumper

with Amore on the front, flat boots, my reading glasses, just mascara and sick hair.  A cardinal sin for a Brit.  To put it in perspective, it usually takes me three days, four hours and a few minutes to prepare for a night out with notice.  That’s lady maintenence, toe-nails, fingernails, home spray tan buffing […]

Ikea + 1s

There are certain things in life that you don’t like to do but that you must do.  IKEA on a Saturday afternoon in ANY country is one of these  things.  When you are a single woman, there are also certain things you must have that are essential to help you do the things that you must […]