Who, being loved, is poor?

Who indeed.  And who was it who said this?  Why, the inimitable Mr Wilde of course, and as always; he was completely right.  Except not about actual poor people, with or without love they are really, as in the dictionary definition; poor.  No amount of trying to beam amour from your eyes intensely into the […]

How did we ever survive without the Kardashians?

After the enlightening SIX-MINUTE instructional from Kourtney Kardashian this week, on a ‘life-changing’ method of eating a Kit Kat, (and really thank God, I’d been avoiding those fingery little devils like the plague, because I just wasn’t sure), I took a little step back in order to reflect.  I mean, for the most part, my entire everyday […]

Happy Easter/Lindt Day

I hope that: the cute Easter bunny (from the hare,  ancient symbol of fertility.  Ancient as in, like really ancient, say maybe even more than 2014 years ancient). came and laid lots of eggs in your house (see above AND, to be honest, just plain weird science) – ooh!! Might be my Sunday afternoon movie. […]

Wow! Chocolate’s really interesting.

Did you know that: Drinking chocolate was first  popularised in Europe by the Spanish who sweetened cocoa with sugar cane. They introduced it to the Italians and the French – ha! (Sorry, bit of adoptive rivalry with my European cousins) Cocoa beans were used by the Aztecs as a form of currency, which was chronicled […]