Well, that was awkward

So, for the first time in almost four weeks I just saw the man, to return some things he lent me for the move. I was not at all prepared for how uncomfortable I would feel; and if I’d been wearing trainers, it’s quite possible I might have broken some kind of land speed record…… […]

An open love-letter

You’ve changed my life, (and probably the lives of millions, around the world), but let’s not talk about them.  I want to think that I’m your special one. I can’t thank you enough, for the things  you’ve introduced me to that I might never have experienced, had I not met you.  From the moment we […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #40

Crippling disappointment in the partner choices your kids make. Or just good old-fashioned bafflement, as in, “what were you thinking? Why? Just, when, what, who?” When I think back on what my poor old mum has experienced, as I’ve breezily arrived wherever, heralding the arrival also, of one or other of the men I was […]

Am I a………

I am terrified of disappointing people. FACT. I have learnt this very recently, and I don’t like it. I might even go so far as to say, this subconscious fear has led me to, during my lifetime, not stray too far from the path of what’s comfortable and achievable so as not to fall short […]