Feeling strange

I am in the grips of the first stages of the menopause. I have felt it very prominently over the last three months. Most notably because it’s created a huge creative block (actually not just creative, but everyday life administration too). My mind is so constantly consumed by anxiety; I can’t think of anything else […]


Thought for the day

Do one good deed today.  No matter how small, you have no idea how much of a difference it might make. Look at your hubby, wife, your other/better half/#1 supporter, and tell them you love them.  Shower your kids with hugs and kisses.   Tell your family,  you’d be nothing without them. Offer your friendship, unconditionally. […]

Oh, and my dealer text

with an offer I couldn’t refuse.  First she tried to tempt me with a photo, then she gave me the hard sell, you know, the usual, ‘look, they’re not your average product…… etc. etc.’ So I said, ‘oh go on then’ and I’m meeting her later to collect. and the goodies in question?  Pork pies! […]

My day

Ah, what a cute papi kissing the head of his baby all snuggled up in the papoose, snarl, gggrrrr, schnarlllll.   Look, just look at the beautiful flowers along the Passeig, isn’t life wonderful?  Ggrrlll, schnarrrlll, grrrrrr……. I can’t believe how in love they are, how sweet snaaaAAARRRlll, ggrrrrr, schnaarlll!!!  Too adorable, I want to take the French Bulldog […]