Thought for the day

Do one good deed today.  No matter how small, you have no idea how much of a difference it might make. Look at your hubby, wife, your other/better half/#1 supporter, and tell them you love them.  Shower your kids with hugs and kisses.   Tell your family,  you’d be nothing without them. Offer your friendship, unconditionally. […]

Road to recovery

I forced myself to the gym last night to kick-start, ‘operation  lift funk’.  And I have to say, with the help of the man-mountain next to me who  was competing with  five foot, fiddy-fi kilo me*, I managed to finally begin the arduous process of dragging my sad and sorry, gym-less, pyjama-wearing, wine-coiffing, spaghetti-laden arse out of the […]

OK, all joking aside

First serious post.  Feels weird. It’s never a nice thing to see someone you care about so sad and so repentant and unable to fix the pain in their heart.  I know I know, it was great getting gifts and joking about when the boredom would set in, yada yada yada.  And this was all, […]

Life is full of Disappointments

None more so than an inability to express oneself as effectively as one would like. My girlfriends and I have been lamenting the lack of rude emoticons on whatsapp. (You know who you are, Mrs L, LS!)  Sometimes you just wanna send each other a comedy picture of a cartoony penis.  You know? *sigh**** Is […]

Things I learnt in 2013

Men have a propensity to lie (sometimes this is misguided niceness and preferential to ‘hurting’ someone with the truth, but most of the time it is not). If you eat all the tortilla, chorizo, fuet, cheese, millionaire’s shortbread and pan con tomate you put on weight. If you drink too much you get drunk (and […]

Hi, I’m Anne Pank

I’m pretty sure there’s a very good reason I don’t have kids.  Deep down my witchy senses tell me that the Universe had a large hand in saving some poor, unsuspecting little mites the pitying glances of other, more responsible and deserving adults, as mummy left them tethered outside the supermarket where the doggies should […]