My day

Ah, what a cute papi kissing the head of his baby all snuggled up in the papoose, snarl, gggrrrr, schnarlllll.   Look, just look at the beautiful flowers along the Passeig, isn’t life wonderful?  Ggrrlll, schnarrrlll, grrrrrr……. I can’t believe how in love they are, how sweet snaaaAAARRRlll, ggrrrrr, schnaarlll!!!  Too adorable, I want to take the French Bulldog […]

Have a word with yourself

My inner dialogue is shocking, even to me, sometimes…… those of a nervous disposition look away now. Zara, Passeig de Gracia, Saturday 11th January – SALES: 14:45 – “Don’t f**%$!% push, ffs!!” 14:47 – “Put the coat down, I need to see the size, I want it in medium.  Put the coat down, put the coat […]