Reasons why I don’t have kids #67

Uuuummmm, because I’m good? Thanks. Another week, another sweet-intentioned ( if a tad tiresome) insistence that’s ‘THERE’S STILL TIME!’, to birth that family I somehow overlooked/forgot to have. It basically started with a simple, throw-away, ‘I’m not a mother, but even I know it’s not good to leave your toddler home alone, so that he […]

Is it a full moon?

Without a word of a lie, I know instinctively when there’s a full moon, because I come over all impish and mischievious and plan shenanigans.  Having said that however, I still haven’t learnt that one should plan said shenanigans to coincide with when the next full moon is, in order to maintain the levels of enthusiasm needed for all […]