Mothers’ Day 2018

Right, here’s the thing. I’m a disaster, and that’s why it’s a good thing I don’t have kids. ~The end~ Only joking, but not really. Well, not joking about the disaster bit, am joking about ‘the end’ bit. I know people say that when you become a mother, you just do all the stuff and […]

Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day.  To the mothers I know, and the ones I don’t, you are wonderful, ethereal creatures. My own mum will turn seventy in October of this year; and I have never valued what she is and what she does, more than I do now that I am older.  With each passing year, I […]

Mother’s Day 2014

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Mum’s are amazing (that’s why I’m not one.  I’m magic, but I’m not amazing).  And so it’s only fitting that there should be a day that celebrates these wonderful, mystical creatures who do forty thousand jobs a day and keep it together (mostly). The card I […]