Summer comes and goes…

  …….and I can’t believe there’s already Christmas food on sale in Selfridges. August flew by in a flurry of visitors, who came and went in shifts, that allowed me to perform a one day change-over in the manner of a top flight hotel.  A top flight hotel that resides in possibly the pissiest street […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #47

Did you not see the size of my tiny suitcase!?!?  What with the precision planning and the high heels and condoms, where would the toys and nappies and kids go? As well as limited space, I’m also working with a very limited budget and time here.  Money and time allocated to drifting the days away, […]

Travel tips for PANKS

BOOM!  Copenhagen booked for March……  largely in part to escape from the fact that I will have just become five years away from the big 5 – 0.  Freakin’ out, freakin‘ out, freakin‘ out….. (I foresee this is the way it will be every five years from now until, well, until infinity.)  But also to […]

Being a single non-mum ain’t all doom and gloom

….. in fact, it isn’t at all!  (Well apart from the usual grown-up angst about where you can recuperate the money you spent on a new bag, to pay the leccy bill.  But you don’t have to be a PANK to worry about that shiz.)  Por ejemplo, ¡mira!  I think it’s always nice to get a […]

Thought for the day

Soooo then, I might have exaggerated my love of routine just a touch, in yesterday’s post. Work is good, of course, and I’m lucky to have regular hours and lovely people to teach, and be building my little business, but I LOVE TRAVELLING, LATE NIGHTS, MUSIC, WHISKEY AND LOOSE WOMEN!! (Maybe not that last one), […]

I’ve got deja vu

It only seems like a few months since I was sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Paris.  Oh wait, it is only a few months since I was sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Paris. Different company, different circumstances. I’m excited to see my long-lost friends, it’s been too […]