Reasons why I don’t have kids #11

Because I am Lady Jesus and just look at what happened the first time I was around, walking the Earth and doing goodness to and for all.  Anyone connected to me was doubted, chased, persecuted, whipped, killed etc. etc.  I could go on….. terrible times.  I feel really bad about it. Now, knowing what it’s like to […]


Two days in Paris

Only a few photos, but a lot of laughs, great company and one particularly, breath-taking memory of Paris by night on the back of a scooter. NOTE: Not many people may know this, but there is an actual law that states you must take at least 50% of photographs of Paris in black and white. This colour photograph […]

How I found myself in a crack den

OR: was taken by my  host  to simply pick up his scooter from a friend’s apartment. Because of your guest’s mild nervousness at being in a city where she doesn’t speak the language and is completely at the mercy of a man she barely knows (hot Frenchie), it’s not a funny joke to phone ahead […]