Daniel Craig and *that* papoose

Right, listen up. Just because some of us don’t have the children, doesn’t mean we don’t likes the children. Some of us. And it certainly doesn’t mean we don’t likes the men who haves the children and especially those that are full on, hands-on doting papis of the children. Case in point, Daniel Craig. A […]

Nothing like a bit of introspection

Having joined two great friends for a lovely dinner last night, and a stimulating conversation about life, love and the world at large, we came to the same somewhat sad conclusión, that each one of us was a bubbling cauldron of hang-ups and emotional inadequacies, a little bit psychologically messy to some degree, in one way or another.  […]

OK, all joking aside

First serious post.  Feels weird. It’s never a nice thing to see someone you care about so sad and so repentant and unable to fix the pain in their heart.  I know I know, it was great getting gifts and joking about when the boredom would set in, yada yada yada.  And this was all, […]