Reasons why I don’t have kids #66

Social media. Somewhere, deep in the annals of time (like maybe a thousand years ago), there are hazy memories of shenanigans and japes and underage naughtiness. Of course there are, none of us are angels. And if you claim to be, then I don’t trust you one little bit. I tried my first cigarette at […]

Salad days

I do believe I’ve lost the will to drink.  No.  Really…..  After my first foray into the darker side of life (the pub with mates to watch the inaugural match of the Six Nations tournament), after five weeks on the wagon, I realised: I can’t do it, I don’t like it, and it most definitely […]

Being a single non-mum ain’t all doom and gloom

….. in fact, it isn’t at all!  (Well apart from the usual grown-up angst about where you can recuperate the money you spent on a new bag, to pay the leccy bill.  But you don’t have to be a PANK to worry about that shiz.)  Por ejemplo, ¡mira!  I think it’s always nice to get a […]

So……… this arrived yesterday

from one of my best friends, so it’s safe to say, she knows me well enough to send it and know that: a) it’s absolutely representative of times we’ve shared, so 100% justified b) that I wouldn’t be offended (and c) that at some point, I have actually looked exactly like the drunken whore on the right, all curly […]