Total recall

…..and not the movie. Recollections are just surfacing of the super weird dream, I had in the nondescript place that hovers between sleep and consciousness, in those moments before waking. I was getting married, (in itself, bizarre but stick with me people), it was on the down low and it was in my home town […]

I’ve got deja vu

It only seems like a few months since I was sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Paris.  Oh wait, it is only a few months since I was sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Paris. Different company, different circumstances. I’m excited to see my long-lost friends, it’s been too […]

Road to recovery

I forced myself to the gym last night to kick-start, ‘operation  lift funk’.  And I have to say, with the help of the man-mountain next to me who  was competing with  five foot, fiddy-fi kilo me*, I managed to finally begin the arduous process of dragging my sad and sorry, gym-less, pyjama-wearing, wine-coiffing, spaghetti-laden arse out of the […]

I’ve got the Funk

and not in the cool, George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic way, though I wish that were the case because that would be awesome.  Imagine if every day was like this.  There’d be no war, no misery and everyone would be mellow and achieve World peace and hug each other all the time.  I like them apples. No, […]

and the countdown begins!

to loTs of ThinGS!  OVer ExciTED, ME!??!?!?!  YAY!  Whoop….. (just a little) So, tomorrow is the final day of Dry January, firstly.  During this month I have been out a couple of times with the girls and had nothing-but realised I still feel 100% perfectly comfortable and at ease talking about penis galleries, flaccid penises and shadow […]