Reasons why I don’t have kids #1

I like to sleep.  This is a valid reason. I like to sleep a lot.  And lie in at the weekend. And go out until the wee small hours with no military operation and added expense of organising sitters/overnight carers/surrogate mothers (or fathers.  No sexism here).  I like siestas when I’ve got a couple of hours […]


Dating definitely don’ts

You might have guessed, it might be apparent, that I am dabbling once again, with the dating scene….. then again, maybe not.  It will also probably come as no surprise to you when I say, I felt the need to republish my “How to be a nice sh*thead, Part II“, this week.  I’m always surprised, that I’m still […]

Hi, I’m Anne Pank

I’m pretty sure there’s a very good reason I don’t have kids.  Deep down my witchy senses tell me that the Universe had a large hand in saving some poor, unsuspecting little mites the pitying glances of other, more responsible and deserving adults, as mummy left them tethered outside the supermarket where the doggies should […]