If I was Lena Dunham’s aunt

I’d place my arm around her shoulder, guide her gently to one side and have a quiet word.  Gobby woman to gobby woman. Coming from your Aunty Anne, a prolific chatterer, to say, “think before you speak”, is quite something. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, it’s (earth-shattering) pertinent and important to […]

If I was Russell Brand’s aunt

I’d play a game of ‘Let’s see who can stay quiet, the longest’. Russell, sweetheart, it’s time to stop talking. One must know how to recognise that moment when it comes, and accept it. And more than that, one must know one’s limits. And you have well and truly reached yours. Fingers on lips, while […]

If I was Jude Law’s aunt (or So Jude Law is going to be a Dad. Again…)

I’d say;  “Dear heart of mine, dear, dear, sweet, handsome boy.  Sweet heart, darling Jude: STOP GETTING WOMEN PREGNANT ALL OVER THE BLOODY PLACE. *siiiiiiigggghhhhhhhh Did your mother never give you ‘the chat’, when you were a  wee small boy?  For Heaven’s sakes above!   It is not true that if you wish hard enough […]

Thought for the day

*There are some good people in the  World. The lovely waitress in the café just got a substantial tip from a tourist, simply because she picked up his wallet, after he dropped it on his way into the bathroom. Then handed it back to him when he came out again. She didn’t want to accept it, but […]

Thought for the day

Soooo then, I might have exaggerated my love of routine just a touch, in yesterday’s post. Work is good, of course, and I’m lucky to have regular hours and lovely people to teach, and be building my little business, but I LOVE TRAVELLING, LATE NIGHTS, MUSIC, WHISKEY AND LOOSE WOMEN!! (Maybe not that last one), […]

Back to reality, of sorts

After a holiday that seemed to go on for ever, and yet somehow seems non-existent now, I started back to work-full schedule-this week.  It was surprisingly lovely to get back into the office, see some familiar faces, and meet some new folk too.  But, I’ve also discovered, much to my chagrin, that I worship at […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #32

The child-minding bills would be huge, while I was ‘lost in Europe’ for a substanial amount of time, stealing impressive gems.  I’d have to rethink everything. Imagine the scene.  I have a sneaking suspicion it’d be terribly difficult to find an Easyjet uniform in size age 8-9 years, thus causing all kinds of problems for the first stage my ‘diamond heist’ […]